The Ukedelics

We're Nashville's Biggest Ukulele Band!

This little instrument can really swing! The Ukedelics put on a fun and entertaining show. Our set includes uked-up versions of a wide range of musical genres: jazz, blues, pop, rock and country.

We've played clubs, conventions, luaus (of course), festivals and flatbed trucks. Have a look and a listen, then email us at to find out about booking the Ukedelics for your next event:

Pucker Up was The Ukedelic's first original. Music by Andy Hudson with words by Todd Elgin.

It's a new golden oldie--an old friend that you've just met.
(and if it looks like we're having fun, we are!)

Pucker Up is also the title track on our new CD, available at our live shows. (or by digital download at CD Baby.)
This is an animated video for The Cicada, a song that celebrates the 13 year cicada invasion--we've made it a dance!
Little Brown Gal is was always one of our favorites, but it only got better when this hula hula maiden started swingin' it!

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The Ukedelics